Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ever Growing Skelly Family

 I love making skeletons! I usually get sick of making something after one or 2 but not this time! I think because there is always something different I can do with my skelly pattern, making them slightly different each time. I am also getting a little faster with each one I make too.
 I currently have 2 Skelly's on my sewing table waiting to be finished these will hopefully be listed on Esty in the next few weeks, So keep an eye out.

The Original Boris

Then came Herman, He was made for my Dad.
I added elastic to the top of his head so head could hang around in the car.

Then I made a Drummer Skelly for my Boyfriend for his birthday. I quite like the colors together.
I gave him a matching green Mohawk since my Boyfriend is Mohawk crazy.
will definitely be making more Skelly's with Mohawks.
Boris loves having a friend to hang out on the bookshelf with.
Finally Boris's Lovely Girlfriend.
My friend Dustee inspired her creation when she made a cute patch with a skull with a bow on it.
Its kind of a long distance relationship now as Boris's Girlfriend was a Valentine's gift for Dustee
and now lives with her in the U.S.A

Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine Love

 So this year the LXC girls had a Valentine's / anti-Valentines swap.
 I was super Lucky to have my Lovely Friend Dustee as my Valentine. 
I would love to show you the beautiful things Dustee made for me.
 I highly recommend checking out Dustee's Etsy Store Sweet Tart Art  she has many beautiful things for sale including canvas totes and jewelery.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

 I hope everyone out there in blog land had an amazing Christmas! 
Here are a few ornaments I made for my lovely friends Laurel and Jeanette.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Cushion Christmas

 This year I wanted to put my new sewing machine to the test and try to make Christmas presents. I found a really helpful tutorial on how to make envelope cushions on YouTube by TheCraftyGemini

 They were quite easy to make and I liked not having to sew a zipper!

Pirate Crafts

Ahhh I have'nt blogged in ages! truth is I forgot my password! but a mid afternoon brain wave brought my password back Yay!
 Awhile back I participated in a pirate swap, at first I thought oh yeah how hard will it be to think of pirate things to make? The answer a lot harder than I thought.
 I'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

1 Sleep Till Halloween!

 To keep with my theme of Halloween post to count down.... I would like to share with you all the amazing things I received in the Halloween swap from My very talented friend Jeanette!
 most of the goodies I received I am planning on wearing tomorrow! I just love everything! The pumpkin bag has not left my side since I got it! I take it everywhere!

 Jeanette has an amazing Etsy shop called Morningshadow I just love the amazing bags and  Scrabble tile pendants she makes!

Everything! Love!
I just adore these Fingerless gloves!

Witch Earrings! Can't wait for tomorrow to wear them! (sorry for the poor photo)

Boris C Bones

 I'd like to present my latest creation Boris C Bones!
 I've made him out of felt he's around 35cm standing and I just love him!
Now I've got my pattern design worked out I'm going to make a few in fleece and see how they sell! fingers crossed!

Pile of bones waiting to be all stitched up! (could'nt help but take a photo ) 

Boris C Bones

"Oh what a feeling"

Just relaxing in the sun

Boris C Bones up close